Our Deacons

Deacons are the appointed servants of the congregation, and fulfill a variety of ministry roles spanning the entire work of the church. The qualifications to become a deacon are found 1 Timothy 3:8—13. They require that deacons be dignified and honest. Deacons must not indulge in much wine, be not greedy but generous, and they must practice their faith with a clear conscience. They must manage their households well and be the husband of one wife. Deacons carry out the work of their ministries under the spiritual oversight and guidance of the elders. They often work together in certain ministries and they also work closely with the ministers.


David Killen - Education, Involvement/Community, Youth/Family Committee, Foreign Missions



Doug Urban - Care Groups, Maintenance, Security/Ushers


Eddie Cleghorn - Technology



Jesse Turner - Advertising, Technology, Youth/Family Committee, Foreign Missions

Marty Patterson - Technology, Ladies’ Ministry, Youth/Family Committee, Foreign Missions

Josh Winters - Communion to Shut-ins, Education, Maintenance, Youth/Family Committee

Danny Lucy - Administration/Office, Finances

Barry Bradley - Benevolence, Involvement/Community, Young at Heart

Keith Clanton - Benevolence, Maintenance

Ken Ezell - Young at Heart, Assisted Living Services

Wade Slater - Youth/Family Committee, Nursing Home Services

Micah Urban - Visitation, Youth/Family Committee